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Store credit must be used within 2 months of winning, after this time the amount is non redeemable. Credit is non transferable and the full amount must be used in 1 transaction. If only a portion of the winnings is used in the transaction, the remaining amount is forfeited. Credit can not be used in conjunction with a sale code for a further discount. However credit can be used to purchase sale items if they are already marked down on our website.


At checkout please enter your sale code and it will automatically adjust your cart to reflect the discount. If you have not used a code during a sale when purchasing, a refund of the sale amount cannot be given post sale.


If you have a credit to use, you can apply your unique code at checkout and the amount will be removed from the total automatically.
* Only one code can be entered at checkout for a SALE CODE or a STORE CREDIT. Both can not be used together.
If a SALE CODE or STORE CREDIT has not been applied before payment is made, the difference can not be refunded post sale.
Store CREDIT and CODES can not be used in conjunction with Discounted Sets listings.
If you're unsure please feel free to contact us before making your purchase thewhimsicalwall@hotmail.com we're here to help.