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Photo Guide


How to take the perfect photo for your portrait.

You can take your photo with whatever you have on hand, a phone camera is fine as long as the picture is clear enough for us to see the hair details and the line of your persons face profile.

Make sure that the background of the photo is taken somewhere that's a light colour, against a wall or in front of a curtain is perfect. It is best to take the photo in daylight.

Details like those gorgeous wispy strays are portrait gold but please make sure the hair of your person is styled in your prefered way. We will draw exactly what we see, with a little artistic interpretation to the hair details. Long hair looks best pulled back into a ponytail or bun. If the hair is very long hair, we will need to taper it off (nicely of course) so that it doesn't print off the page. Also keep in mind that if the hair is long and you've chosen a wreath, we will need to taper off the hair even more to fit it within the wreath.

Be sure to level your camera with the ear of your subject. You should see only 1 eye and maybe their eyelashes. If the lashes aren't in the image, I will add them in but note that they should be close to showing, if you're taking your photo on the correct angle. Have your subject look straight ahead, with chin level, a closed mouth and rested face. We need to see the entire head, neck and top of the shoulder.

Please email us your photo in the largest file size that you can. Make sure to include any notes you have. For example if you had chosen a font in the listing when purchasing - let me know your persons name and whether you would like it written in the colour of your portrait or black.

Please send your photo within 72 hours from purchasing your portrait. 

If you have any other questions in regards to your portrait, click HERE for answers to some FAQ's.

Feel free to email us, we're here to help!